Vision, Technology and Integrity

We choose to partner with our customers, develop brilliant scents with quality and consistency.

Utilize our knowledge with an environmentally conscious attitude and be ahead of the trend curve in an ever evolving world.


Who We Are

Appearing as diamond in the rough, Techscent‘s creativity illuminates with opulence.

Our vast understanding of global needs, product design and
an unsurpassed knowledge to create beautiful fragrances with brand awareness in today’s marketplace defines and sets us apart
from the rest.


Creative Ingenuity

Our highly intuitive staff has expansive global product knowledge to provide a broad range scope within today’s universal markets. Ingenuity paired with a winning conceptual vision is our forte’.

Flavor and Fragrance

We Listen, Learn and Respect Your Values

In today’s age of Transformation, it is not always what you know…but what you do with what you know.

We are competitive in Home Fragrances, Personal Care and Toiletries, as well as Laundry, Soap and Cleaning Supplies. Techscent respects your company’s philosophy and doesn’t lose sight of what is important to you in the development of fragrances.

Imagine… Dream… Reality… Success

We have highly creative, qualified and innovative staff.
If you can dream it, we can make it real.

From creatively designing a fragrance, to technically designing a fragrance, to designing a product with a fragrance in it! We have all the capabilities most of the other fragrance companies have and just a little more! Let us help you Imagine your Success!


We are located ½ hr west of the George Washington Bridge.
59 Greenwood Ave., Unit #4, Midland Park, NJ 07432

Please  contact us if you have inquiries at info@techscent.com